Private Label Refreshes Continue: Target's Back on the up & up

The private label re-launch, reinvent and reinvigoration process marches on (see previous post on Walmart's Great Value). Took a few snaps of Target's "up & up" brand which the retailer is framing as a re-launch;, I think it's more accurate to call it a replacement (for the Target brand, previously represented by a red bullseye). Lots of retail folks freaked out about this when the change was first announced; their take was that the Target bullseye is "iconic" and that doing away with it will be brand suicide.

If you follow Target, you know that they have been struggling with value perception. Kathy Tesija, Target's EVP of marketing, has been quoted as saying that "guest perception does not reflect reality" when it comes to how shoppers perceive Target's price/value relationship. If you ask me, continuing the bullseye legacy would be the riskiest move of all under the circumstances. Embrace the shock of the new, I say!

P.S. Isn't it funny that private label is getting all white spacey again? I think older retail geeks see this as being regressive; one step away from the black and white "generic" private label of yesterday (hence the backlash).   have no memory of generics tell me that this less-is-more movement is fresh and exciting. What do you think?

Lisa CarverComment