Has North Face reached a summit in consumer segmentation?

In my latest Retail Wire weigh-in, I share why North Face's brick and mortar localization feels fresh, even if its customer segmentation is so very "VF".

This type of lifestyle segmentation is very “VF” — they’ve taken this approach for years so it’s only natural that the strategy is being applied to North Face. What is different, and I think quite relevant, is the way North Face is breaking out some of the segments and parlaying them to build localized brick-and-mortar propositions. Just as with the “athleisure” movement in women’s, the outdoor segment is also splintering into multiple sub-movements that ideally address how and when people really wear certain looks. Head-to-toe, mono-brand outfits are a thing of the past so North Face would be smart to present mix-and-match looks, even if they incorporate other brands.

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Carol SpieckermanComment