How Lululemon Can Make Lemonade

RetailWire Discussion: Is Lululemon's new approach different than the old approach?


Job one for Lululemon's newly-minted CEO, Laurent Potdevin is to shore up loyalty among its current fans while they are still saying "please don't make us leave". The good news is that most of the company's problems have stemmed from unforced errors so the strategy should center on a zero-tolerance policy on cutting corners. Given his past experience building feel-good, community-oriented brand TOMS, Mr. Potdevin should have a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to rebuilding Lululemon's tribe. For the short term, open and frequent dialog with Lululemon's customers through social media will serve the brand well. Encouraging feedback and giving Lululemon customers a positive place to use their voices would make a lot of sense as well. Currently, the majority of the company's postings are closed-ended. 

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