Women's Conference Afterglow

Lisa and I are still high from attending and presenting at this week's NWA Business Women's Conference!  Here in Bentonville, it's easy to think of this event as an annual mark-your-calendars kind of thing . . .  Who will be the big speaker next year?  However, at a time when national trade show attendance is plummeting, conferences are melding with other conferences in order to stay afloat and travel budgets are being slashed, the Women's Conference's holding-steady attendance is quite a marvel.  1,200 or so women (and a few dudes), not just popping in for a couple of hours, but spending an entire day visiting booths, networking and attending presentations ... That's relevance, folks!

Special shout outs to Krista Khone, the Bentonville Chamber's secret weapon, Beverly Heitzman from Clorox and the entire Women's Conference committee.  You guys are pros and we wish we had such great women-behind-the-women at every event.

Lisa and I speak all over the world on retail trends, supplier best practices and branding; however, sharing the lessons we've learned about PERSONAL branding, sales and presentation skills with corporate audiences and women's groups has turned into a full-on passion over the past year.  Based on the conversations we had after our presentation at the Women's Conference and the amazing feedback we've received since, you won't be able to get rid of us! 

Some early feedback . . . (pictures will be posted shortly)

I was truly impressed with your presentation and your ability to handle Q&A.

I appreciate individuals that are willing and able to provide the advice that people need and not just the answers that they think the person wants! Keep up the good work. The world needs more straight shooters.

I would like to say your and Lisa’s presentation was definitely my favorite. I walked away with new information and also knowing I’ve been doing a few things correctly. I’d encourage anyone to attend your presentations. And I’m going to forward this email to the others that were not fortunate enough to attend the NWA Business Women’s Conference.

This was my favorite presentation! I do hope to see them next year if we are fortunate enough to go! Very productive & motivational!

The presentation was great!

What a refreshing change.  I've been coming here for three years and today, I actually learned something about myself.

You guys rock!

This was the best presentation I've attended all year, hands down.

I can't wait to go to the office tomorrow and put this to work.


Lisa CarverComment