Sears Shifts Gears - Carol Speaks to Chicago Tribune


Carol Spieckerman tells Chicago Tribune reporter, Corilyn Shropshire, that Sears is beginning to leverage their physical scale to new advantage in urban markets.  

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Article by Corilyn Shropshire for Chicago Tribune, 02/13/13.

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Carol Spieckerman's Right Brain On: Old Navy's New Brand Maven

In her latest contribution as a Retail Wire panelist, Carol comments on Gap going outside to snag Old Navy's new fast-fashionista. 

Here's what she had to say..

It's nice to see Gap departing from its insular past by snagging a real fast-fashion maven (let's hope that he brings, not just the fast, but also the fashion). Gap had a window of opportunity when Uniqlo was playing wait-and-see. Hopefully it won't be too little too late as Uniqlo puts pedal to the metal in the U.S. (with designs on world domination).

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