Kmart Kwest: nmb Wentfer Mygofer

Last week, I blogged on the groovy game-changers that Sears Holdings is cooking up outside of its still-icky stores including the other brick and mortar "holding," Kmart . . . and speaking of Kmart, so intrigued are we by Kmart-fueled Mygofer, that we decided to take it for a test drive while we were in Atlanta last week since that's one of a few markets that is supporting the platform.

Of course "nearby" and "Kmart" tend to be oxymoronic and Atlanta was no exception.  After throwing a few items into our online cart and paying for them, we mapped our route to the Kmart that Mygofer assigned to us based on location and Mygofer capability . . . Maybe it'll be on the way to that cool restaurant that our clients are taking us to?  Nope.  Close to that shopping center where we're doing store checks?  Uh uh.  On the way to the airport?  Dream on.

Okay, so that's what unlimited miles on rental cars are for, right?

We gassed up and headed out to our "nearest" Kmart in Buford, GA, a not-unpleasant half-hour-ish drive from our last client meeting in Alpharetta, to pick up our booty.

Walking in the door, we checked for a Mygofer kiosk of some kind and didn't spot one; however, a wee glance down and a couple of steps up had us standing in front of an unstaffed card table draped with a red table cloth that held nifty Mygofer brochures and a Mygofer sign.

So, where to pick it up?  We headed over to the customer service desk with a bit of trepidation.  Would they REALLY have our stuff pulled and waiting? Maybe the card table kiosk was just a place holder. 

Not to worry . . . when we identified ourselves to the cheerful customer service associate, Teresa, she lit up like a Christmas tree.  We were the stores FIRST Mygofer order and they had been anxiously awaiting our arrival after dutifully pulling everything together before the same-day guaranteed completion time.  Our strategically diverse purchase of socks, body lotion, bag of chips, and cotton swabs had been placed in a lovely Mygofer bag. Build it and they will come!

Checking out the rest of the store renewed our skepticism regarding whether Kmart stores are the best beta for Mygofer; however, once the platform is perfected, it shouldn't matter since Sears will be able to take it anywhere, like a Kmart-run laundromat, for example.  Don't Kwash it 'til you've tried it! 



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