Insights on the "White Spacing" of Private Label

Such great insights on the heels of my LinkedIn discussion-starter on the “white-spacing” of private label (derived from my blogs on the re-launches of Walmart’s Great Value and Target’s Up & Up) that I’m posting the discussion as an update. Jason Hoffman, Team Leader for Promo Depot/Acosta expressed concerns about the brand boast on the packaging leaving little room for depicting what’s in the package; Scott Caras from Mojoadvertising called out that reduced photography costs, not simplicity and minimalism, may be the primary driver behind the limited palette; Kevin Saladyga, founder of Point of Purchase online, provided a great picture to show how minimalist private label packaging can look even more bland when sandwiched between colorful national brand presentations (that’s why I’m a fan of brand-blocking vs. brand scattering).


We'll continue our obsession on private label in the coming weeks . . . Covering Andrea Thomas, Walmart’s SVP of private brands presentation on August 19th in Bentonville (my coverage will be posted on the 20th or just subscribe to the blog and you won’t miss it) . . . and we’ll continue the conversation in our Retail Salon discussion group (more details on the way).

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