Euroblog #1: Palette

Before our recollections get staler than a day-old baguette (the bread, not the bag!),we're bringing on the insights, observations and plain old eye candy from our swath through Berlin and Paris.

We don't fancy ourselves cool hunters or Pantone savants, you get enough of that; however, couldn't help but notice that a WHOLE LOTTA lilac, eggplant, violet, haze . . . Purple by any other name, was tarting up the windows in both Berlin and Paris. . . And people were actually WEARING quite a bit of it.


(Remarkable when the clothing palette runs the spectrum from dark gray to black year 'round in bothberlin's shiny happy palette towns).

Joseph Beuys' flannel suit hanging at Hamburger Bahnhof reminds everyone to stick to the palette! Speaking of HB, will be blogging later about the mind-blowing exhibit we heard there (yeah, "heard").THE brown suit

(BTW, Joe's werks continue to push the limits of our modern art love. He remains a hate crush; one that only intensifies upon deeper study, I'm afraid!)

BTW.  I'll settle the controversy: the Paris Museum Pass IS a rip off ... unless you plan on making beaucoup visits to esoteric museums and sites. Many of the "included" locales are free anyway and special exhibits are always extra.  No wonder Mona is smiling . . . sucker!!