Carol Spieckerman's Right Brain on...Target's Grocery Grab

In her latest contribution as a Retail Wire panelist, Carol comments on the strengths and weaknesses of Target's grocery business.

Here's what she had to say..

Target's greatest strength in grocery is the near-bullet-proof loyalty it enjoys from many of its customers. Its loyal base looks for excuses to make purchases at Target and groceries are a perfect reason to make the trip sooner than later. Target's biggest opportunity for improvement is to create a more intimate shopping experience in grocery, and across the store for that matter. The hike to grocery is cold and cavernous and Target's uber-spaced departments render the term "adjacency" an oxymoron. If Target is to get the full benefit of those (hopefully) more frequent trips, it needs to tighten things up or forfeit its cross-the-aisle opportunity.

carol spieckerman