Busy Week at Best Buy - Our One-Stop Roundup

The last two days have brought non-stop media inquries for NMB's CEO, Carol Spieckerman, following the resignation of Best Buy's CEO, Brian Dunn. Although many pundits and media are focused on Dunn's reported indiscretions, Carol is taking the high road and focusing on the future. Here's our one-stop roundup of features and related blog postings. 


Despite CEO Exit, Best Buy Sticks with Revamp

In the 4/11 edition of Finance & Commerce, Carol Spieckerman tells writer Chris Newmarker that she thinks "all bets are off" after Brian Dunn's departure. 

Read the full Finance & Commerce article.

Article by Chris Newmarker for Finance & Commerce, 4/11/12, © 2012, Finance and Commerce. All rights reserved. 

Best Buy: CEO Brian Dunn resigns over 'personal conduct' issue

Carol Spieckerman says Dunn's departure offers Best Buy the "opportunity for a fresh start at a pivotal time" for the industry. She goes on to say, "Whatever the impropriety was, in an odd way that gives them (Best Buy) permission to go in a different direction."

Read more of Carol's comments in the Pioneed Press article.

Article by Tom Webb for Pioneer Press, 4/10/12, © 2012 Media News Group. All rights reserved.

Best Buy CEO Resigns Under Cloud

Calling it an "unfortunate case of Dunn's poor judgement getting in the way of Best Buy making progress, " Carol Spieckerman shares with retail writer, Thomas Lee, the gold lining in Dunn's resignation: it gives Best Buy permission to move in a new direction.

Read the Star Tribune article.

Article by Thomas Lee for Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 04/11/12, © 2012 Star Tribune. All rights reserved.

Retail Wire: Best Buy's CEO Resigns. Who's Next?

In Tom Ryan's latest Retail Wire article, he asks Brain Trust Panelists to weigh in on what type of skills (merchandising, digital or other) are required to lead Best Buy at this point and what value should be placed on bringing in an outsider in turnaround situations? 

Read Carol's featured comments and who her fantasy pick for Best Buy's new CEO.

Article by Tom Ryan for Retail Wire, 04/11/12, © 2012 Retail Wire, LLC. All rights reserved.

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 Two Mighty Myths by Carol Spieckerman

Best Buy is the latest member of a growing group of retailers that have recently announced significant business overhauls. Clearly, retail is about to get a whole lot more interesting, as many of the majors, including J.C. Penney, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, and others make simultaneous big breaks from their pasts. Before the momentum builds any further, it’s time to debunk a couple of myths...

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