Banished Retail Words & Phrases

 Under the bus, I say!

  1. "Tarzhay" - No longer cute . . . or relevant, as Target focuses relentlessly on the "pay less" side of its "Expect more. Pay less" tagline.  I'm ready for Target to get its groovy back; however, I'll keep this one locked away regardless.
  2. "Fast Fashion" - Fast is now table stakes.  Fashion?  Not so much.  Suggested replacement: "clothes."
  3. "Fashionista" - Banned until further notice . . . (Notice of a discernable and compelling fashion trend . . . and people who will clamor for it).
  4. "Cheap Chic" - Cheap is now table stakes.  Chic?  Not so much.
  5. "New Normal" - Implies that things will arrive at a point and sit for a bit.  They won't.  I think Seth Godin's blog nailed it.
  6. "In These Economic times" - Aren't ALL times these economic times?
  7. "Stick to Your Knitting" - Banished from use when referring to retailers exploring new categories.  The core is no more!
  8. "Brand DNA" - Real DNA is static.  Brand essence changes (sometimes with the wind).

 We need a new term for . . .

  1. "Private Label" - No longer always private and not just a label.  Feels long in the tooth.
  2. "Social Networking" - Ill-defined.  Overused. Help!

What would you add? Hit "comments" and let 'er rip!

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