Target's CMO: 'The truth hurts'

While I like many aspects of what Target's Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Jones, said in his LinkedIn missive, the fact that he did it in response to an anonymous Gawker post from a disgruntled employee makes Target look weak and reactionary (once again). He could have easily penned an original post that addressed internal concerns and external criticism without reacting to a specific attack. Doing so would have made him seem like a proactive team player who is embracing a new vision (especially since he was singled out as a positive influence in the post).

I find it interesting that Jones has mostly remained in the background since assuming the chief marketing post, particularly since Target has long enjoyed a reputation for having marketing mojo (even when over-promising and under-delivering). Jones has been quiet or completely absent in earnings calls, with former CEO, Gregg. Steinhafel and Kathie Tesija serving as the primary spokespeople. Is he clearing his throat now in order to position for ascension?

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