Bricks Got New Tricks: Carol Spieckerman Chats with Nadia Shouraboura

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Showrooming? Bring it.

Inventory management? Piece of cake.

Endless aisle? It’s in the back.

Small format? No limits.

It’s a store. It’s a lab. It’s a shape-shifter. It’s an incubator. It’s a solution. It’s Hointer.

And it will change everything you thought you knew about bricks, clicks and everything in between.

Tech-infused brick and mortar concepts from the likes of Bonobos, Dollar Shave Club, and Kate Spade have awakened the retail scene as of late. Hointer has been portrayed as a member of that club ever since it hung a shingle in Seattle late last year.

Newmarketbuilders CEO, Carol Spieckerman, had a feeling that there was more to Hointer than meets the eye so she went to the source.

Check out her fascinating conversation with Hointer's CEO and former Amazon supply chain guru, Nadia Shouraboura.