Carol Spieckerman. President and CEO Spieckerman Retail

Carol Spieckerman. President and CEO Spieckerman Retail

So, what exactly do you do?

A fashion client of mine sums it up better than I ever could. He calls me retail's “triple threat” because when we hook up, you’ll look smarter, get credit for the great stuff you're already doing and rev up your sales cycle. We can even do this in one day through a private, Platform Positioning workshop.

Or, if you’re planning an event or training and need a killer keynote or coach, your members, constituents and talented teams will get a quick grip on where this crazy world of retail is going (and what to do about it) across categories, borders, business models and touchpoints. After a recent user conference, a retail CEO said “This is the first talk I’ve sat through without checking my phone once...and I took three pages of notes.” Gotta love real-world props!

Read on to learn more about consulting and training, presentations and media contributions that will meet you right where you are and take you where you need to go next.


Ever ponied up big bucks for a conference only to hear the same presentation given ten different ways? Ever wondered if presenters got the memo that all kinds of “information” is just a click away? Are you tired of "pitches from the podium" and canned keynotes?

Your standards for beyond-the-obvious insight and doable takeaways are higher than ever. They should be!

Carol brought a real point of view. So many speakers come here and just present information you can get anywhere. Great insights as we combine the brick and mortar and digital universes into a single experience for our customers.
— Walmart Director of Visual Merchandising

These days, your corporate events, user conferences, trade confabs and trainings have to bring it on. Pure and simple.

You don’t have time to sit through droning, bullets-and-eye-charts obviousness.

You’re tired of thinking “Please let this not be awful” every time you plan an event (or invest in one and show up).

My Retail Trajectories are themes that I constantly create, track and map across categories, channels, business models and touch points. They merge all of the seemingly random stuff happening in retail into clear calls to action.

That way, all kinds of retail stakeholders like you can participate in what’s next…retailers, brand marketers, tech companies, service providers and so many others who now rely on retail.


Are you a brand marketer, solution provider, technology company or agency?

Have you noticed that your go-to people at retailer HQ don’t have the power they used to?

That you’re leaving retailer meetings high-fiving but then...crickets?

Don’t worry. Plenty of others are in the same spot and we can fix it.

First of all, we all know that retail is in the early stages of a complete transformation.

Retail is an exploding, opportunistic ecosystem these days. No one’s staying in their lane, everyone’s playing in everyone else’s sandbox, categories are blurring, new roles are being created every day…

But the big shift, the one that’s really changing the game, is that retailers are no longer just companies that sell stuff.

They’re platforms that tie together digital, social, mobile, partnerships, acquisitions, content, data, and more. So, retailers' platform reach now blows past hundreds or even thousands of stores or millions of clicks on a website. Yours can too…but not if you’re still old-school pitching and hoping for the best.

But yikes! Everything is speeding up. 

Yes it is! That means you’ve got to get your story straight and hit them right between the eyes.

...but that’s awfully hard to do when your story is a disconnected mish-mash of concepts and capabilities.

When your customers’ whims dictate your strategy.

When you’ve trained them to deconstruct your stuff.

Tick tock goes the clock.

Drip, drip, drip go the resources.

What used to work just doesn’t any more. 

We’ll focus on what does.

A simple, repeatable and scalable playbook for perfecting your platform positioning (say that three times fast!) and aligning the great stuff you already do with where retailers want to go next.

Truth! There are plenty of awesome brand positioning companies out there and lots of great sales training programs too.

Retail’s a different animal. But the cool thing is, once you build for retail, everything else falls into place. No wonder so many Spieckerman Retail clients end up parlaying the work we do across their whole biz. *Blushes* It’s all good!

So, that's what we’ll do together, and it's something we can do in one day in a private Platform Positioning workshop or through an ongoing advisory gig.

  • You'll qualify for meetings with the big guys and gals and get heads nodding across the table with the new decision-makers and power brokers who determine your retail destiny.

  • You'll boldly explore opportunities on a level playing field without pitching or pleading (so unbecoming!)

  • You'll have clear, crisp and consistent positioning that hits home with high-value prospects.

  • You’ll own a scalable and repeatable business development process where you can lather, rinse, repeat your way all over retail opportunities.

This pipeline-filling process has driven multi-million-dollar successes for suppliers, solution providers, brand marketers and agencies around the globe. 

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It’s distilled down to a power-packed one-day training and consulting workshops because retail is moving so fast and you don't have time to waste. You and your teams will leave fired up about your retail business and excited about telling a fresh and relevant story about the great stuff you already do.

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I speak to the media constantly. Retail, branding, multi-category, multi-industry, mass, class, and everything in between … you’ll get fresh connections and new truths. If you’re a reporter, I’ll come prepared and call you back quickly so you can meet your deadline and move on.

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You're not hurting for retail news sources. In fact, if you're like most of my subscribers, clients and content partners, you're already drinking from an information fire hose. My blog, The Right Brain of Retail, is where you'll find new world retail insights and uncommon connections that transcend categories, tiers, channels and borders. You can count on me to bust myths and show the hand to the obvious.  

I also contribute articles to industry-leading publications and will be happy to craft a content partnership with you. I'll bring a steady stream of retail smarts across a dizzying number of categories and touchpoints to your retail-obsessed readers and constituents.

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