As fast as retail is moving, once something becomes a trend, it’s often too late.

...Besides, trend-watching will have you chasing after what everyone else is chasing, even if it doesn't make sense for your business.

I’m laser focused on the WHY of retail – the real reasons why things are happening the way they are RIGHT NOW, and how all of those things are connected. I help companies get to the why through my RETAIL TRAJECTORIES – proprietary coordinates that I’m constantly connecting, mapping and curating across categories, borders, business models and touch points. They pinpoint where all the insights roll up.

Predictors and futurists ask what you would do differently today if you knew what would happen tomorrow. A better question is: What will you do differently tomorrow once you get what’s really happening today?

As opportunistic as retail is these days, with everyone playing in everyone else’s sandbox and no one staying in their need someone who can pull the camera back, connect the dots, and bring tools, tactics and takeaways that your teams can immediately put into action.

At any given time, I'm tracking 30-50 Trajectories that help my clients relevantly position the great stuff they're already doing and that distill retail's higher truths for the presentations and trainings I give around the world. Here's a glimpse...


1. MARKETPLACE MAYHEM. Passive income, inventory-less commerce, and platform's no wonder online marketplaces are exploding, but blurred accountabilities, brand dilution and other obstacles threaten to kill the buzz. 

2. PRECARIOUS PLATFORM PARTNERSHIPS. Retailers have never been more open to outside partnerships...and to jumping off of them once traction takes hold.

3. EXCLUSIVITY = OBSCURITY. Keeping brands to yourself, or locking them up in limited relationships, is so 2015.

4. FRENEMY FORAYS. Opportunistic hook-ups are replacing closed kimonos. The death of paranoid retail is around the corner.

5. EMBRACE THE ALIENS. Folks are flooding into retail who aren't steeped in traditional ways. It's intentional, disruptive, and beneficial if you play it right.

6. NAKED, NOT BUFF. Price transparency is table stakes these days but algorithmic alacrity and knee-jerk discounting can muck up the works.

7. THE CONVENIENCE CONUNDRUM. Convenience is overtaking price as a top consumer decision-driver, yet perceptions can change based on the occasion, category being shopped or even the time of day.

8. SECRET BRAND. Private brands are proliferating again but pride of ownership is fading and associations are being obscured.

9. SHAPING IS THE NEW RESPONDING. Armed with killer data, retailers and brand marketers are no longer in the business of reacting to consumer demands.

10. BUY, BUILD OR BRIDGE? The answer to retail's new defining question has changed dramatically.