raves from carol's presentations

I learned more about retail in the hour I spent with you then in ten years of reading trade and business magazines ...
— VP Brand Development

"You were the highlight of the conference!"

"For once, someone who tells you what it all MEANS and what to do about it!  I can’t wait to put this into action."

"I continue to be so impressed by your insights and your work.  What I appreciate most is how you are able to draw from multiple categories, retailers and even branding models and show how they work together."

"Your presentation at last year’s conference has formed the basis for our five year strategy.  It was that relevant."

"Carol respected the audience's intelligence.  Our team was challenged and ignited."

"This was a real departure from the usual canned speech."

"I think of myself as someone who keeps in touch with retail but your presentation brought so many angles and ideas that I had never even considered.  Thank you for keeping it real and avoiding the obvious."

"This was by far the most productive and positive sales meeting we've had thanks to Carol's kick-off keynote.  It completely reframed and redefined every strategy meeting and conversation that we had at the summit and later, with our accounts."

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