I’m a retail and brand thought leader, speaker, strategist, trainer, and author.

I launched Spieckerman Retail in 2001 in the wake of a retail tour of duty that had me building multi-million-dollar businesses from the ground up, from mass to class, physical to digital, across a crazy mix of categories and brands. I once broke a company’s system because the order I booked had eight digits…and evidently that was two digits more than had ever hit (hey now!)

Then I decided to help others do it.

That’s my business.

That’s my passion.

Tackling tough positioning challenges and solving knotty retail business development problems.

But more than anything, helping suppliers, agencies, and solution providers of all stripes get credit for the great stuff you’re already doing.

You can find my retail rants and thought leadership in respectable business and retail publications like the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Forbes, Private Label Buyer, Progressive Store Brands, Fortune, Women’s Wear Daily, Retail Wire and in my blog, The Right Brain of Retail, which lots of retail geeks consider a "must-read". I’m all over social media and serve as a brand positioning and retail sector expert, speaker and content provider to leading trade groups.

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