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Three Preludes to a Pitch Slap Part 2: You Didn't Know When to Stop


The following is Part II in  Carol Spieckerman's series for retail suppliers: Three Little-Known Preludes to a Pitch Slap.

It’s been said that the great artist is the one who knows when to stop. The same can be said of great retail suppliers. Unfortunately, in my experience, many don’t stop, particularly when it comes to preparing for early-stage meetings with retailers.

When complexity takes over, you’re vulnerable to a pitch slap. Worse yet, when this becomes a habit over time, your business development process will come to a screeching halt...

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Tired of Getting Pitch Slapped?


Ever left a meeting with a retailer high-fiving your team, only to drown in the sounds of cricket chirps from that point forward?

Ever gotten "this close" to booking a major program then your main contact moves on (and your opportunity right along with them)?

Have a nagging suspicion that price may not be as much of an issue as your rep, licensee, distributor, etc. says it is? 

Wondered why some brands, solutions and products seem to be everywhere that you're not? 

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions …

then you've been

pitch slapped!

If you're ready to take back control of your retail destiny, then it's time to buck it up and enlist in my newly-launched, one-day Retail Reset Boot Camp.


I've taken the best from over a decade of immersive consulting engagements with industry-leading companies and condensed it into a new, onsite training program for: 

  • Product manufacturers and suppliers
  • Brand marketers
  • Retailers seeking retail partnerships
  • Technology solution providers
  • Licensors/licensees
  • Distributors
  • Agencies
  • Third party and in-store marketers
  • Solution and service providers
  • Display, packaging and imaging companies
  • Retail-adjacent or dependent industries

If you're ready to stop getting pitched slapped - then check it out.