Fashion Brands’ Amazon Fear Factor? Brand Ubiquity (Not Data)

Carol Spieckerman's comments on today's Retail Wire discussion: Amazon recruits retail fashion stars for its marketplace.


When it comes to fashion brands investing in digital, particularly in luxury, there is Burberry and everyone else. The industry remains quite store-centric but Amazon is doing a great job of assuring them "We've got this" as these brands wake up to the necessity and potential of digital commerce. Fashion brands are not as uncomfortable with data sharing as they are with the brand ubiquity inherent with digital partnerships. The resistance is breaking down, though.

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Carol Spieckerman's Brain On...Barneys' Benign Neglect

Today, Retail Wire asked whether Barneys should survive. In her latest contribution as a Retail Wire panelist, Carol wonders how they could.

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Here's what she had to say...One of Barneys' weaknesses is that it has been passed around to companies that couldn't help but treat it as an afterthought. Jones Group's history as a wholesale powerhouse made it a dubious choice for a parent back in 2004. Jones is still trying to figure out its future and was certainly not equipped to drive Barneys' upscale brand destiny at acquisition time. Dubai-based Istithmar World's diverse portfolio of holdings and inherently at-a-distance perspective isn't doing Barneys any favors either.

Barneys is a limited-location boutique concept that has been treated as a scalable commodity.

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