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Social, Local, Simple: Insights from Walmart CMO, Stephen Quinn (Part II)

Carol Spieckerman presents part two of her two-part, between-the-lines take on a recent presentation by Walmart’s CMO, Stephen Quinn, as part of the Bentonville Bella Vista Chamber’s WalStreet speaker series.

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The proliferation of social media platforms and the decisions about which ones to support are keeping many a brand manager awake at night. Walmart? Not so much. In his recent presentation to the Bentonville Bella Vista Chamber’sWalStreet supplier group, Walmart CMO Stephen Quinn shared that the company made a clear decision to choose a single platform that would provide the “shoulders” for its social outreach. That platform is Facebook.

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EVP, Pam Kohn, on Revving up Walmart’s Merchandising Machine

Carol Spieckerman presents her between-the-lines take on a presentation by Walmart’s EVP of Merchandising Services, Pam Kohn, as part of the Bentonville Bella Vista Chamber’s WalStreet speaker series.

At a time when most retailers are either playing a furious game of digital catch-up or plotting next-stage media strategies, land-based merchandising services might seem downright staid by comparison. In fact, many leading brands and retailers are swinging their attention back to the original point of decision, the store, and for good reason – efficient in-store execution is a vital link in any meaningful multi-channel, multi-format retail strategy.

In her presentation, Pam Kohn outlined how Walmart’s merchandising services organization is broadening its reach as it continues to build global scale. Although merchandising could be called the world’s oldest retail profession, Walmart’s merchandising services group, comprised of five segments, launched a little less than a year ago. Read More