Connecting Content with Commerce: Carol Spieckerman Interviews HSN's Bill Brand

At last week’s LIMA Retail and Branding Conference, I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Brand, EVP of Programming, Marketing and Business Development at HSN. In his presentation, Bill outlined how HSN has transformed into an innovation network by building an enviable level of customer engagement with its loyal customers and those new to the experience. Following the event, I spoke with Bill further about how HSN is connecting content with commerce.  

Carol Spieckerman: You talked a lot about the demographic sweet spot for HSN, which skews a bit older. Your HSN Arcade gaming platform is targeted at over-30 casual gamers as well. Do you have a strategy for capturing the attention of a new generation of HSN shoppers?

Bill Brand: Our strategy is much more about the psychographics than the demographics because it’s really about what’s going on in a customer’s life as she’s approaching her 30s, and what is changing. She has a lot less time. She’s married and having kids. And she doesn’t have the free time to wander through an entire mall and hit all the specialty stores so she’s shopping the end-caps. She’s shopping with us at that point because she can do it on her own time at any time, and on any device.

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Carol Spieckerman's Latest for LIMA: Retailers' Weapons of Mass Engagement

Over the past several years, retailers have had to adapt to new rules of engagement. Their customers are at once empowered, demanding, skeptical, and value-oriented, and they are flocking to social networks, online forums, blogs, and digital apps to satisfy their hunger for objective guidance and entertainment. In order to stay on their customers’ radars, retailers have had to shift from a focus on driving transactions through sales channels to engaging shoppers across many touch points, some of which offer no direct ROI. Retailers have invested heavily in keeping shoppers fully engaged with their brands and many have graduated from gap-filling and moved on to building arsenals of options that attract and bond with shoppers as never before. Read the rest of the article.

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Retail Conference to feature newmarketbuilders, Sears, HSN, Iconix

Carol Spieckerman, president and CEO of newmarketbuilders, joins a terrificspeaker lineup at the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association's (LIMA) inaugural Retail & Branding Conference on September 13th. The event brings together a focused line-up of major retailers, brand marketers, and thought leaders to explore the future of branding, collaboration, and shopper-centric strategies.

The half-day conference will merge forward-looking insights with practical strategies and applications in an intimate setting that will encourage networking and the open exchange of ideas among attendees and speakers. Each presentation will include ample time for Q&A with the speakers.

Speakers include:

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