I've traveled a 1,200-mile sales territory three times per year in a gutted-out cargo van loaded with 2,500+ clothing samples. I've taken a baby bootie to the head (chucked at me by a buyer who was pissed at a salesman I managed). I've been given major salary increases and bonuses during down economies and when there was "no budget." I've been promoted over bosses who had previously plotted my demise. I've launched and grown a successful consulting and speaking business without outside capital. I've traveled the world speaking to and working with incredible people from all walks of life.

During this awesome ride, I've learned volumes about the ways women (still) give away their power. After all, I was once one of those girls. It wasn't until I took ownership of my own trajectory that I was able to graduate from "girl" to great. No one else could do it for me and the journey that continues to this day.

I launched the GirlToGreat blog at the urging of the many women I've mentored and informally encouraged over the years. In this space, I'll share tools and tactics born from my experience, that will help you get out of your own way, make better use of where you are right now, and ditch the insecurity that is at the root of cringe-worthy compromises and playing small.

I'm glad you're joining me on this journey. May it inspire and accelerate your own Girl to Great story!