Retail Wire Brain Trust Panelists Respond to McDonalds

As Peter Deeb, a self-describe "road warrior," put it, “. . . if the food and service are not consistent, nothing will change.” 

Al McClain weighed in on the other side.  He thinks McDonald’s “has issues” but that they’ve done a better job than the competition of keeping restaurants “clean, fresh, updated, and consistent.” (there’s that word again!)

Ed Rosenbaum argued for realistic expectations and comparisons and also gave McDonald’s good marks for rising above competitors.

Citing a Wall Street Journal article on possible health insurance cut-backs, Paula Rosenblum won’t let McDonald’s off the hook if they cave on coverage.

Surprisingly, the rise in obesity didn’t come up until Odonna Matthews called it out.  She wants to see healthier options and messaging incorporated into the “Simple, Easy, Enjoyment” premise.  She also brought up that McDonald’s restrooms (a huge focus for women shoppers and diners) aren’t designed to accomodate a lot of traffic and don't even provide simple hooks for women's purses.

Lisa Carver