As fast as retail is moving, once something becomes a trend, it’s often too late

...Besides, if you’re trend-watching, you’re building strategy on what your competitors are already all over (whether or not it makes sense). By then, it’s already a commodity.

I launched Spieckerman Retail over a decade ago under what at the time were some pretty contrarian premises. Like retail/supplier power dynamics will radically shift, private brands will become intellectual assets, middlemen of all stripes will go by the wayside, retailers will become newfound frenemies, and much more. As my heretical hunches turned into disruptive retail realities one by one, I knew I had to create a new language, something that shatters silos, transcends trend, and helps my clients see how everything is connected.

My Retail Trajectories are coordinates that I constantly create and map across retail categories, channels, borders, business models, and touch points. They are the engine behind my content platform, media contributions, and the presentations I give around the world. They anchor my clients' strategies and my sales methodologies so my clients can make new connections too.

Transcending trend gives my clients’ strategies a cutting edge and a nice, long shelf life.


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